These keto grill recipes bring some fun and delicious summer cooking to the kitchen, without the carbs! Time to fire up the grill!

We love grilling during the warmer months, and the grill is such an easy way to get delicious low carb barbecue and grilling recipes, for meal prep or for dinner!

Favorite Keto Grill Recipes

Usually, grilled foods are protein-heavy and low carb, so you can use the grill to make some favorites, like grilled chicken cordon bleu or homemade burgers (with lettuce wraps, of course!)

Steaks and salmon are deliciously grilled, and flavorful additions to the low carb diet.

While grilling on keto, the most important thing to check for is the sauce. Avoid sugar-filled sauces like teriyaki and barbecue sauce.

Simple marinades like lime juice and cilantro will transform grilled chicken breast, and a keto teriyaki sauce works best homemade with reduced sugar.

If we are grilling on the weekend, we love adding some chicken breasts to use for meal prep the next week, for things like Buffalo Chicken Salad.

Grilling Sides

Some of our favorite keto sides to go with grilled recipes include:

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