About Me

I am married to the love of my life and we have 4 mostly grown up kids….  2 in post secondary school, one graduating this year and my baby is going into 10th grade!

My background is in science (research) but my passion lies in the kitchen!  I love to eat, create and play with ingredients in the kitchen!   You can pretty much always find me either with my nose in a recipe book, with my sleeves rolled up in the kitchen or sitting at my computer blogging!

Why Easy Low Carb?

It goes back to that passionate love of good food!  I have tried every diet plan under the sun (more about that later!).  I’ve recently realized that “diets” don’t exactly work, you lose, you gain…  and then you lose again (and then gain again).

After many years of up and down, I’ve finally realized that, for myself anyhow, “diets” need to be replaced with a lifestyle.  To me, that means delicious comforting food that still keeps my waistline in check.  In order to do that I needed to continue making the dishes I love and dishes my whole family loves …  but lower in carbs!

I have has a lot of success with a low carb lifestyle in the past… and I’m ready to get back to that place of feeling great! I am not one who is willing to give up my favorites.  So a no wine, no cheese, lifestyle is just not something I would ever want to agree to!  For me the key is being able to enjoy the foods I love, the flavors I love.

My promise to you…

Each and every recipe on Easy Low Carb has been thoroughly tested in my own kitchen and with my own family!  There are always several recipes in the works that just haven’t made the cut yet…

I strive to bring you great recipes that work in any kitchen.  Recipes that not only taste delicious, but are lightened up and you feel good serving to your family.

Be sure to read the FAQ for any questions regarding recipes and this site!

I am always open to ideas, suggestions and love your comments.  I personally read and respond to each and every comment and email.

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and stay a while…