Q:  Can I post your recipe on my site/Facebook page/blog?

A: All recipe photos found on Easy Low Carb have been taken by me personally and are protected by copyright.  You are welcome to use one single photo on your website, in a round up collage or on Facebook along with a direct link to my recipe.  Please do not copy and paste entire recipes to your own site/blog or social media.  If you are using one of my recipes as inspiration, please provide a link back to the original recipe as inspiration.  I do ask that you rewrite the directions in your own words to make the recipe your own as Google does not like duplicate content and this will hurt us both.  Please view more information on copyright here!

Q:  Do you have a diet plan for me to follow?

A:  No, I do not offer any sort of diet plan or any  medical advice.  As always, before starting any diet plan, it is best to consult with your physician.  

Q:  I tried your recipe and it didn’t work for me.  Why?

A:  Each and every recipe posted onEasy Low Carb has been personally tested and tried by me (and then retested on my family and friends over and over!) to ensure you will be able to get the same optimal results at home.  As I am not in your kitchen, I can’t say for sure why a recipe isn’t working for you.  That being said, if recipe isn’t working for you there are a few steps you can take.  First, read over the recipe and ingredients to ensure nothing snuck past you.  If you don’t see anything, please leave me a comment directly on the recipe and I will do my best to trouble shoot and help you along.  It’s best to post directly on the recipe because others may have the same question or suggestions on how to fix it!

Q:  Can this recipe be made with {insert ingredient here} instead?

A:  Recipes provided have been made only as written.  There are literally hundreds of ingredients that can be swapped out, tested or tried.  I cannot say for sure if your substitution will work or not if I haven’t personally tried it.  I generally suggest trying the recipe as written the first time you make it and then adding in your own modifications.

Q: Why are ingredients like {insert ingredient here} included in recipes?  

A:  Easy Low Carb provides to all types of low carb recipes which include a variety of ingredients for a variety of cooking styles and plans including Keto, Atkins and other low carb plans.  These plans will often have higher fat or proteins.

Q:  I left a comment on a recipe and I don’t see it.

A:  I personally read and respond to every comment and question left on this blog.   All comments are moderated for spam.  I love hearing from you and knowing if you enjoyed a recipe but any rude or derogatory comments will not be posted.

Q: How are nutritional values calculated?

A: Recipes are run through WPRecipe maker using generalized (not brand specific) information.  Remember that foods can vary by brand so these values are only guidelines.  No information on Easy Low Carb is to be taken as or considered medical information.  Should you require nutritional information for medical reasons, please run your brand specific ingredients through a nutritional calculator.