Breakfast and Lunch

These easy low carb lunch and breakfast recipes include everything from make-ahead lunch recipes to quick and simple breakfast recipes.

Low Carb Breakfast Foods

For breakfasts during the week, we love having make-ahead bacon egg muffins to heat on our way out the door.

During the weekend, we love enjoying keto breakfast casseroles like spinach cheese egg bake or even whipping up some Denver omelets.

Eggs are quite the staple in any low carb diet, so if you’re serving others, they may not even realize that they’re eating low carb!

Low Carb Lunches For Work

Meal prep will be your best friend while planning on the go work lunches and sticking to the keto diet.

For lunch on the go, one of our favorites is cauliflower fried rice. It can be kept warm in a thermos!

We love mixing up some keto salads by using several proteins like flank steak and roasted chicken breast, then mixing those with different additions:

Remember to bring the dressing on the side to keep everything nice and fresh!

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