We love appetizers, and this collection of low carb appetizers and keto appetizer recipes are always a hit at parties and cookouts!

Favorite Easy Appetizer Recipes

When asked to bring an appetizer to a party, we love bringing warm bacon dip and taco chicken bites. Or making keto dips and bringing a mix of dippers, both keto, and non-keto, for guests to enjoy.

For low carb summer appetizers, we love serving up a fresh summer salad like cucumber feta salad before our main course!

How Many Appetizers per Person

If you’re asked to bring an appetizer to a dinner party, it’s a good idea to make about 6 appetizers per person.

If you’re hosting or attending a cocktail party (without dinner being served), 12 appetizers per person is a good number to go by!

How To Keep Appetizers Warm

If you have a warm keto appetizer you need to keep warm, tin foil will help seal in heat. While on the table, warming trays help keep the food nice and toasty.

We love using the oven at 200°F as a ‘keep warm’ space for hot food while we are getting everything else ready too!

No matter what easy appetizer recipe you choose, it’s going to be a hit. So be sure to make extra!

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