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What to eat before and after working out!

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What to Eat Before and After Working Out!

We all know that losing weight and being fit requires a proper balance of nutrition and exercise.  However, you may be wondering what foods are best to eat before a good work out, as well as after. Just because something is marketed as healthy does not mean that it is and there are many foods which can undo a lot of very hard work in the gym.  For example, eating low fat cookies after a work-out will not help your body to recover.  Also, eating something very healthy but that you are not used to eating can be a bad idea before a work out.  If you have never eaten high fiber kale, for example, it is probably not best to try it for the first time before a long run or a big tennis match.  Stick to natural, whole foods and keep in mind which foods do what for your body.  Food is, after all, meant to nourish and heal the body.  Many people inadvertently sabotage their exercise routine by eating the wrong things before exercise and then consuming less than ideal items after.  Educate yourself with these quick lists!

Before you work out you want to make sure the foods that you eat are low in fat and fiber, moderate in carbs and protein and include fluids.  It is a good idea to finish eating about 45-60 minutes before working out.

  • Here are a few good ideas:
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Trail Mix
  • Bananas and Whole Wheat Toast
  • Smoothie
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut butter toast

Note:  It is best NOT to try new foods or foods that you think may upset your stomach right before a work out.  Stick to foods that you know that you like and that your stomach can tolerate.

After a good exercise session, LEAN protein is your friend. 

Here are some high protein ideas:

  • Omelet
  • Hardboiled egg
  • Milk
  • Protein shake
  • Salmon
  • Chicken breasts

Why Protein? Protein helps your muscles recover.  This will make you leaner, stronger and more athletic.  Lean proteins are low in fat but high in, well, protein. You need about 10 – 20 grams of protein after a really great work out.

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