These keto pork recipes are some of our favorites! Whether you need pork chops or bacon, these low carb recipes will have what you need.

Favorite Low Carb Pork Recipes

We love making pork tenderloin with creamy dijon sauce. They go perfectly with bacon wrapped cabbage, which is an amazing easy appetizer for just about any meal!

When it comes to keto ground pork recipes you can’t beat an easy keto pork and cabbage skillet or cauliflower fried rice. They are a delicious lunch or supper meal!

Is Pork Keto Friendly?

Traditional dieters usually give up fatty meat like pork and beef for lean meat like chicken.

Because of the lack of carbs on a low carb or keto diet, it’s important to consume a higher level of both protein and fat. Making pork an excellent keto option, with cuts ranging from lean (like pork chops) to fattier cuts (like bacon).

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