These keto-friendly side dishes will transform your main into the perfect meal, whether you need a last-minute side dish or something to pair with your main!

It’s said a side dish makes the meal, and often sides are heavy on the carbs. Substitutions are the best when it comes to sides!

Favorite Keto-Friendly Side Dishes

We love making twiced baked zucchini boats in place of twice-baked potatoes to go with a delicious steak dinner.

Mashed cauliflower tastes almost identical to mashed potatoes, and roasted radishes and roasted asparagus go with practically everything!

Zucchini noodles are great instead of pasta, and we love putting low carb chicken parmesan over them!

How To Choose A Keto Side Dish

Depending on the main you are making, the sides should match.

Lighter, summer dishes like grilled shrimp and salmon pair perfectly with light sides like cucumber feta salad.

A heavier steak dinner goes perfect with roasted vegetables and mashed cauliflower or bacon-wrapped cabbage.

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